Centrum Badań i Rozwoju Technologii dla Przemysłu
centrum badań, centrum badań i rozwoju technologii dla przemysłu, narodowe centrum badań
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The main objective of CBRTP S.A. in the research projects carried out in the field of management sciences is to create methods of project management dedicated to the industrial, energy and fuel sector.  This is done based on the analysis and application of selected elements of the management methodology based on the nature of the sector. These projects are scientific and research in nature and are implemented by a team of business practitioners and academic staff, who have the knowledge, know-how and experience in managing multidisciplinary projects. The final phase of the project consists in commercializing the methodology in the form of a market product, offered to businesses.


The developed dedicated project management methodology is a set of instructions based on the best practices of standard market methodologies. Due to the specific requirements and organizational conditions of individual organizations, the selected planes of the methodology are subjected to detailed analysis and tailored to individual needs. The final stage of the whole project is its preparation and delivery in the form of commercial products along with a finished methodology, which meets the internal needs of the organization. Implementation of the final project management methodology takes place, among others, after a detailed review of historical projects in the given organization, and the final guidelines of the recipient.