CBRTP | Geology and Geophysics
Centrum Badań i Rozwoju Technologii dla Przemysłu
centrum badań, centrum badań i rozwoju technologii dla przemysłu, narodowe centrum badań
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Geology and Geophysics

Modern geological and mining activities are measured by the challenge of continuously increasing mining and exploitation of new deposits. This is dictated by the ever increasing demand of global economies for raw materials and fossil fuels. To meet current market expectations, CBRTP S.A. sees the key role of the development of scientific research helping to improve the efficiency of identification, exploration and exploitation processes. In Polish reality, the development of deposits is affected by the complicated, for European conditions, national geological structure hindering mining exploitation and the exploration process. By noticing the spectrum of challenges the mining companies face, CBRTP S.A., together with science and industry, is developing sophisticated tools, measurement techniques, analyses and methods of processing and interpretation of geological, geophysical and borehole data, often produced in experimental work. The Company cooperates with leading scientific centers: AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, and the industry: PGNiG, Orlen, Lotos, executing research tasks from selected areas as a subcontractor and partner of the scientific and industrial consortium.


CBRTP S.A., thanks to its team of specialists and cooperation with leading institutions and technology providers on a national and global scale, effectively performs activities for improving the techniques and methods used for the acquisition and interpretation of data.


The main objective of CBRTP S.A.’s activities in the field of geophysics and geotechnology is to increase the effectiveness of geophysical studies, mainly seismic, carried out in the prospect of hydrocarbon deposits, and thereby to increase the country’s and Europe’s energy security, as well as increase the competitiveness of Polish mining and oil companies on the exploration market of oil and natural gas, including shale gas and ores.


The scientific and research and commercial scope of the Company’s activities includes:

  • analytical work and processing of seismic data
  • research on innovative methods of acquiring, processing and interpreting data
  • research on improving the effectiveness of the processes of acquiring geophysical data
  • studying low velocity zones using high-resolution seismic data
  • engineering geophysical studies in cooperation with leading scientific institutions in Poland and abroad