CBRTP | Electrical engineering
Centrum Badań i Rozwoju Technologii dla Przemysłu
centrum badań, centrum badań i rozwoju technologii dla przemysłu, narodowe centrum badań
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Electrical engineering


Electrical engineering is currently in process of developing smart systems and techniques and technologies of energy management due to the growing deficit of resources. Low efficiency of the generating, transmission, distribution and separation processes of electricity causes the need to construct solutions that ensure efficient energy management using advanced IT tools. In practice, this means the necessity to use a different approach to the problems of challenges facing energy consumers and distributors. It is necessary to use ICT tools and create solutions that improve the efficiency of sources, both conventional and renewable.  The new approach requires attention to the quality of the supplied energy and integration of dispersed sources.


To meet the needs of the market, CBRTP S.A. is working on solutions for the efficient distribution of energy. The company has built a team of diverse competencies and established cooperation with leading national research centers, providing interdisciplinary research and implementation processes, and thus an increased economic potential for the use of their results.


The Company’s scope of activity, both scientific and research, as well as commercial includes studies on the quality of electricity supply and rationalization of its processing and use. CBRTP S.A. examines the tools for analysis, processing, modeling, and also designs systems for the production and consumption of energy. The key areas of the Company’s activities within the area of ​​electrical engineering focus on work for the development and implementation of technical and technological solutions that enable highly efficient production of electricity and heat energy from mixed sources working in the hybrid and cogeneration model.