CBRTP | Development of technology for the production of copper component and pastes used in the manufacture of silicon
Centrum Badań i Rozwoju Technologii dla Przemysłu
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CBRTP realizes a research and development project in the field of material engineering that can replace costly silver-based metal products by an alternative product developed within the project based on copper particles. The results of the projects are used in the world’s photovoltaic products.

Innovativeness and uniqueness of project is production of a new type of component on the base of copper, enabling development of paste with Cu on the level of 50-90% in terms of weight and its implementation in development of front solar cell electrodes produced on the basis of mono and polycrystalline silicon. Implementation of project will result in decrease of cost of metallization of silicon cell even down to 50% by substituting, cost consuming silver, with a lower cost generating copper component. New type of component will enable simultaneous marking of routes of electrode of a low cost method of screen printing, without necessity to change machinery park used by solar cell producers, which should be recognized as a highly innovative product of a global potential usage.

The new product made under this project will be offered on the global market as an alternative to the current contact pastes. The design concept is based on the technology developed by the Polish group of scientists from the Institute of Metallurgy and Engineering Materials of the Polish Academy of Sciences (CBRTP S.A. Strategic Partner ) and shared to CBRTP under a license agreement.

The effect of the project will be ecologically significant, because the ever-increasing prices of raw materials used to produce contact pastes (silver) resulting from declining natural resources determine the need to search for alternative materials that can both lower the price of a product and preserve the currently used machine park used in the process of the production of electrical contacts. The fall of  price of solar power generation equipment will allow them to be more widely used both in industry and home installations and thus contribute to the increase production of energy in OZE.


Total project budget:

Total project value – 2 176 969,38 zł

Own contribution CBRTP S.A. – 457 340,15 zł

Grant awarded –  1 719 629,23 zł


No.  POIR.01.01.01-00-1598/15-00, Development of technology for the production of copper component and pastes used in the manufacture of silicon