CBRTP | Developing a technology for the recovery and re-cycle of recylate based on postconsumer PET-G film contaminated with colour print
Centrum Badań i Rozwoju Technologii dla Przemysłu
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Recycling of film


projekt5Together with partners, CBRTP is implementing the research and implementation project in the field of materials engineering thanks to which commonly used colour film after treatment will be re-used in the production processes of polymer materials. The effects of the project will benefit manufacturers of packaging dedicated to the food, cosmetic, and medical sectors.

Recycling of contaminated colour printed film was not possible until now. The effect of the project will have a significant environmental dimension because the product is one of the most difficult biodegradable materials, and its disposal through thermal utilization or common storage is a huge problem in all of Europe.

CBRTP developed a unique concept of cooperation never used before – a consortium agreement with elements of license agreement. Within the scope of research collaboration it assumes granting the Leader exclusive rights to the results obtained in exchange for the guarantee of shares of research partners in the Leader’s revenues from the project for a minimum of 15 years after its completion. Such a constructed model, at the initial stage sanctioning a future share in proceeds generated based on joint scientific and research cooperation, is innovative in building lasting relationships of research centers with industry and a huge economic potential.


Within the framework of cooperation in the field of film recycling, CBRTP, as co-author, made the patent application at the European Patent Office.


Members of the scientific and industrial consortium:

  • Nicrometal S.A.
  • West Pomeranian University of Technology Szczecin
  • Warsaw University of Technology
  • Centrum Badań i Rozwoju Technologii dla Przemysłu S.A.


Funding of the project in the amount of 9,628,297.00 PLN