CBRTP | Development of hybrid photovoltaic cell
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The aim of the project is to develop a new hybrid photovoltaic cell with unique architecture consisting of ZnO structures. The cell’s architecture will guarantee at least 20% energy conversion effectiveness and enable production costs reduction of c.a. 30%.


R&D work will be based on a technology concept developed in Institute of Physics (IF PAN) which is patented. Its innovativeness lays in the use of ALD and hydrothermal (with microwave sources) methods to develop a completely unique architecture of cell allowing for improvement of its physio-chemical parameters, as well as elimination of few energy consuming production modules and reduction of critical elements from cell production process.

Research will firstly cover multicomponent semiconductor layers, impact of density and dimensions of nanorods on cell’s effectiveness, experimental development of masks for selective layers’ deposition, analysis and modelling, as well as experimental selection of work parameters of prototyping apparatus (laboratory environment). Next a customized apparatus will be built to prototype and test cells under simulated operating conditions. As part of development activities, the Applicant will optimize prototypes, test them under real conditions and verify their compatibility with photovoltaic modules’ production lines.

Project budget :

Grant amount: PLN 3 856 336.86
Date: 01.04.2017r. – 30.09.2019r.


No.: POIR.01.01.01-00-1022/16, pn.: “Development of hybrid photovoltaic cel”