CBRTP | Offer for research units
Centrum Badań i Rozwoju Technologii dla Przemysłu
centrum badań, centrum badań i rozwoju technologii dla przemysłu, narodowe centrum badań
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 Offer for research units

CBRTP offers comprehensive support in the planning, initiation and execution of research and development projects. It also provides capital raising, a financial or industrial partner for the effective execution of each stage of the research project, along with its subsequent commercialization. As an active substantive partner, CBRTP guarantees the research unit the development of an effective substantial concept of the research process and a selection of the most modern tools. Thanks to the commitment of CBRTP, your unit will significantly reduce organizational, financial and technological risk both at the research phase and in implementation.

Choosing CBRTP as an independent research and business organization is an asset in the process of objective assessment of project feasibility.

„Our principle is the responsible assessment of the project before launching, so that every project approved for implementation ends a success.”

As part of cooperation we offer:

  • feasibility study of the research project,
  • profitability analysis of the technological and business effect of development activities,
  • support for the process of applying for external funding, research and development projects and implementation projects,
  • service of acquiring technological sources and scientific personnel to carry out development and investment works,
  • technical and technological consultancy.



The effectiveness of CBRTP’s activities is a result of the unique concept of building partnership between science and business. We respond to the needs of cooperators in all dimensions (economic, substantial, technical, scientific), despite the significant differences in organizational cultures of potential partners.

CBRTP S.A.’s activity is inspired by the needs of science and business in the field of industrial technologies. The company was created by experts and market practitioners who combine work experience in international corporations and research and development institutions.


We are a platform for effective cooperation, but also contribute substantially to each implemented project.