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CBRTP | Magnetron sputtered TiN-Si3 N4films as a functional coatings
CBRTP | Magnetron sputtered TiN-Si3 N4films as a functional coatings
Magnetron sputtered TiN-Si3 N4films as a functional coatings
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Magnetron sputtered TiN-Si3N4 films as a functional coatings

Magnetron sputtered amorphous Si3N4 films with included nanocrystals TiN are described in this paper. Target was prepared from powders mixture of 90 at.% Ti and10 at.% Al by hot pressing. Deposition was carried out with controlled gas flow of Ar and N2. The most important parameter for deposition such composite structure is a substrate  temperature not  higher then 0,2 reduced temperature. Deposition parameters and structural properties investigated by X-ray and TEM techniques are presented.  The picture of HRTEM  is presented in fig1. Heat reflection from a substrate with deposited TiN-Si3N4 film thickness about 100nm is noticeably higher.

publikacja2Fig.1. HRTEM for amorphous TiN-Si3N4 film.

Such coatings could be used for several applications which require high reflectance of IR. The adequate characteristics of reflectivity were measured. The temperature growth at the back side of substrate covered by TiN-Si3N4 coating was measured. The difference between covered and uncovered substrate are essential. It implies that  the professional cloths for firemen and other services could be covered by such coatings.

Paper was financially supported by NCRD Project- Defense, Security No DOB-BIO6/04/104/2014.
Conference material : ICFPAM 2015 (13th ICFPAM)

The Authors :
K.W.Marszałek1, R.Mania2, G. Putynkowski3
1AGH University of Science and Technology, Al. Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Cracow,Poland
2Diabmed Sp z oo, Lukowa St. 7, 43-300 Bielsko Biala, Poland
3CBRTP SA, Grzybowska St. 12/14, 00-132 Warszawa, Poland